The Online Supplements (OS) for Education supports reflexive approaches to education and teaching within the health professions. Ideally, these OS's should be used in conjunction with in-person sessions as educators can then contextualize content, promote dialogue, and debrief activities.

These free, open-access OS's are funded by the Centre for Faculty Development and the Arrell Family Chair in Health Professions Teaching.

Our team, based in Toronto, Canada, is continually updating, improving, and developing additional OS's. 

Please note: We welcome and encourage you to share your perspectives and experiences on the discussion boards throughout. We will be monitoring the discussion boards on a weekly basis and reserve the right to remove anything deemed inappropriate. If you have any concerns, please contact us.

To cite this work: Baker L, Ng S, Friesen F. Paradigms of Education. An Online Supplement. [Internet]. 2019. Available from www.paradigmsofeducation.

Centre for Faculty Development, University of Toronto at St. Michael's Hospital.